1.    Feasibility Study & Bussiness Advisory in tax aspect

In the perspective of the business expert Philip Kotler, at least there are some standard procedures in order to realize the good business ideas in the form of a plan / business studies. The procedure is generating ideas, screening, development and testing concepts, marketing strategies, business analysis, product development, market testing, and commercialization.

In other words, study or feasibility study to realize the idea has become a very important thing in business. It is fine that idea gained incredible but it remains to be studied in a variety of ways, especially the economical aspects, technical, their future and the aspect of taxation.

So we assist your company in developing a study or feasibility study which produces a comprehensive analysis regarding tax aspects so that what is planned to be in line with the fulfillment of tax obligations. We will also make a comprehensive study related to planning in your business sector of each in order to minimize the potential for higher taxes and avoid potential tax disputes.

The study, which we often do such studies Holding Company set up for entrepreneurs oriented to the modern management and business development to the heterogent sector. We also believed to analyze aspects of the taxation on a specific transaction, such as sales of porperty etc.

2.    Compliance Services

We will serve the ongoing consultation and consultation on specific taxation issues are being faced by your company. This is to provide the best solutions for tax issues facing your company. The service can be done via e-mail, fax, telephone, teleconference, or a direct meeting with our consultant team. We make tax planning for clients to achieve tax efficiency, reduce the risk of sanctions / fines, and to develop tax policy in line with the company’s financial policy generally without violating tax regulations.

Monthly & Annual Report Service

  • Monthly Report

We help to fulfill tax obligations according to tax regulations in terms of preparing, calculate and pay the tax due by SSP / other media and report it to the tax office that include: SPT PPh Pasal 21/26, SPT PPh Pasal 23, Final Income Tax Return, SPT PPN / PPnBM (either Manual SPT or e-SPT), including if there is a obligation to report a Local Tax (hotels, restaurants, etc.)

  • Annual Report

We also provide services in preparing annual tax return (Individual and Corporate Income Tax) and provide additional analysis of the potential for other tax-related Withholding Tax and VAT in order to minimize the imposition of taxes other than income tax that has been paid (Annual Income Tax)

Counseling Assistance

We will provide guidance and / or represent your company if the DGT clarify with their own data, compare with company’s report, and than, they invite to discuss about the tax aspect. This is to ensure your company is receiving tax treatment base on the actual situasion in the bussiness. Here we will also assist you in preparing documents and scheme of the company’s business processes that required in the process of clarify / discuss with the DGT. And so, we will help to lodge the revision of monthly/annual report if necessary.

3.    Litigation Services

Tax Audit Assistance

We will provide guidance and / or represent company if The DGT will audit company’s tax obligation. This is to make sure your company receives a tax assessment in accordance with the actual situation and base on tax regulations, where potential disputes often arise because of differences in interpretation between the taxpayer and the tax inspectors. That would cause the tax burden on businesses. Here we also will assist your company in preparing the documents and scheme of the company’s business processes needed in the audit process.

There are two types of tax audits, namely:

  1. Examination to test for compliance based on the DGT’s analysis results, including the examination in order PER-22/PJ/2013 on guidelines for the examination of special relathionships.
  2. Examination in order Tax Refund.

Objection Assistance

Ready to provide dispute resolution services to assist the company or personal in filed objection against the tax assessment letter issued by the Tax Office.

Tax Appeal & Lawsuit

We are also ready to assist clients in dealing with legal efforts to obtain justice through the filing of appeal to the Tax Court.

4.    Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc)

Transfer pricing is a classic issue in the field of taxation, particularly regarding international transactions undertaken by multinational corporations. In terms of governance, transfer pricing is believed to result in reduced or loss of potential tax revenue of a country for multinational companies tend to shift the tax obligations of the countries that have high tax rates (high tax countries) to countries that apply a low tax rate (low tax countries). On the other side of the business, companies tend to seek to minimize the costs (cost efficiency) including the minimization of payment of corporate taxes (corporate income tax).

The resources we have can work professionally in provide Transfer Pricing Documents that needed by the company.

5.    International Tax Planning

  • Creating efficiency in the tax structure as a whole.
  • Consulting services related to Tax Treaty.
  • Tax planning for the CFC (Controlled Foreign Company).
  • Reforming the structure of the tax burden between countries efficiently.

6.    Speaker at Seminars/Workshops/In House Training

       We are experienced in education and training as a speaker and trainer in the field of taxation that are supported by the WD team (Widya Dewata Tax Centre).